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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the first step in contracting with UEI for student intern employment?

Call California Intern Network at (916) 278-4994 and ask to speak to the Business Development Director or email us.

What kind of services will I receive as a California Intern Network client?

California Intern Network is a full-service organization offering:
· Full-scale human resources assistance on employment-related issues for both clients and students
· Comprehensive payroll services, ensuring compliance with federal and state labor laws
· Risk management, assuming liability for workers’ compensation and other areas of risk associated with employing students, e.g., workplace safety, work-related accidents, travel

Can I request a customized invoice and reporting?

Yes. We can tailor your invoice and financial and student data reports to meet your specific needs.

Can California Intern Network help me write a job posting and review it before it’s posted?

Yes. We have samples of job postings for you to use to draft your job posting, and we’ll review your posting before it’s uploaded to

How do I post a job?

We’ll provide you a UEI account number to create your user account on and email you a user name and password.

What happens after a job is posted?

Students will submit applications online, which you’ll be able to view and then select candidates to interview.

What types of jobs can I post?

You can post part-time, temporary-paid, non-benefited positions, ranging from entry level to technical.

Can UEI help with recruitment in ways other than online job postings?

Yes, UEI can customize your search by location, expertise, field of study, and more. Please call us at (916) 278-4994 for more information.

Do I need to follow a pay-rate schedule?

Pay rates are established by you based on your contract terms and budget, and should be consistent for all students. Your Account Manager can provide you with a sample pay scale to use as a guideline, if desired.

Can a student be enrolled at a college or university other than Sac State to be a student intern?

Yes. We have affiliation agreements with many public universities, community colleges, and private four-year accredited colleges throughout California.

What is the student unit requirement?

Undergraduates must be enrolled, attend classes, and carry a minimum of six semester or nine quarter units. Graduate students must be enrolled in a graduate studies program and carry four semester or six quarter units. The hiring manager should confirm this information before offering employment to a student. There is no unit requirement for summer.

Are international students eligible for employment?

Yes. International students who hold a J-1 or F-1 Visa are eligible to work as a student intern. Please call us at (916) 278-4994 for more information.

Are we responsible for workers’ compensation?

University Enterprises, Inc. manages worker’s compensation for its student interns.

Who is the employer of record?

University Enterprises, Inc. is the employer of record for all employees on our payroll, including student interns, regardless of their work location.

Are student interns required to attend orientation?

Yes, all new and rehired employees must attend orientation before starting employment. Employees in the Sacramento area should attend orientation at UEI. Employees outside the Sacramento area will receive orientation from their supervisor at their workplace.